Website upgrade

Do you have an old WordPress site? You invested a fortune in it and did not want to "throw it in the trash"?

We have a solution – website upgrade – WordPress.

When the site is built on the WordPress system, you do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to renew the site so that if you do not have the budget for building sites can be upgraded to an existing site.

Website upgrade, change templates and more.

The website upgrade we do is mobile-friendly, Adapted to Google and, of course, invite potential customers to make contact – action-driven.

WordPress sites are recommended for several reasons:

For years, customers have asked us to turn their sites into webmaster friendly sites – WordPress is a very easy to use system once the site is built.

WordPress is an open source system with millions of web developers who fix and add new features.
WordPress has a market share of about 60% of content management systems today. (75 million sites built on WordPress!) The largest user community is a huge community of support.

WordPress has tens of thousands of plugins that can handle anything: presentations, forms, shops and more.

WordPress has functions that enable search engine optimization (SEO). These functions are easily added to all pages of the site – this function helps your site to be searched online.

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