SEO consultant

Do it yourself - a SEO consultant session

Breaking your head?

Do you have a website but the site is not relevant?


Do not know what to do?

There Is A Solution – You Can Promote A Website Alone!

With organic SEO consultant session, usually a two hour meeting, we will review your site and its location in the search engines.

We will correct the deficiencies in it and give you an easy and uncomplicated list for further advancement in Google ranking.

  • What are the factors affecting your website promotion?
  • How your site looks by Google, what are the mistakes and correcting the mistakes: structure and content
  • We will review the site's settings and correct the deficiencies
  • And of course each site is unique - all it takes to promote it on Google
  • We'll do keyword research
  • We'll plan daily budgets, keyword costs
  • We'll create content ad groups
  • We'll create a remarketing campaign

Here are two testimonials from clients who have received SEO consultant

When you said that you spoke the language of Google, I smiled to myself, after a two-hour working meeting I realized how right you are. We are only at the beginning of the process and I already feel more know, less fearful, and most importantly I got a first call from a client who coordinated a meeting because he found me on Google. Would you believe it? So you are not only a magician, your personality is amazing and you know how to speak and teach Google language. Those who do not try lose. Thank you very much.

13/01/2014 | Daniella Hirsch, family economics consultant

Thank you very much for your warm welcome, for your patience, giving, listening, professionalism and great ability to please and empower.
It's unbelievable how many things you could do in two hours.
• You've been through my entire site.
• Corrected for me all the misdeeds that others have done.
• You have improved everything.
• You guided me with great love.
• You built a campaign for me.
• In addition, you have contributed so much to your personal advancement.
I'm sure I'll sigh with you again.
Thank you.

1/8/17 | Hadar Rachamim