PPC advertising

If you’ve come to read about PPC advertising on this page, you’ve given up. Your website does not “deliver the goods”. In other words, there are no customers.

PPC advertising is sponsored - Google aims to bring customers here and now

Unlike organic SEO marketing, PPC advertising is sponsored by Google ads that every click on the ad costs us money.

In the SEO process sponsored by Google we build an ad system that attracts customers to click on your ad, not the others.

And on the other hand we choose the keywords that are relevant to you in a way that will save you money on every click.

PPC advertising is divided into two categories: content ads and remarketing ads

What is Remarketing?

In recent years, remarketing has become one of the most effective and widespread advertising strategies on the web. This advertising method is based on advertising to customers who have previously visited our site or who have been interested in our products in the past.

If you’ve already spent money to bring potential customers to your site and are interested in your products and browse multiple pages of your site, you do not want to lose those customers to another site. Sure if customers have already reached the purchase pages or abandoned in the middle of filling out a form.

How is remarketing done?

The site is planted with cookies and when it is located on other sites, even after a few days or a few weeks you can post an ad or an offer to return it to your site.

Various studies show that the maximum effectiveness of the raymarketing exists within a few days after the user left our site.

It makes perfect sense that a surfer who was looking for a TV in our store is likely to have found one if we get back to him after two or three weeks. Today, more than half of the devices on the Internet are mobile smartphones and it is possible to identify each smartphone and adapt the advertisements.

Curious? Are you tired of sitting by the phone and waiting for clients who do not call?

It is time to contact and start a campaign of PPC advertising.

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