Ecommerce website

Ecommerce website benefits

An ecommerce website has some advantages, whether you use it to sell products alongside your regular business or as an independent ecommerce business.

Read the list of reasons why an ecommerce website can be great for your business

1. Cost – In general, an ecommerce website costs less economically, physically and operationally than a physical store.

2. Lower marketing costs with better targeting – Online promotions can be more aimed at potential customers than through conventional media. It is also much cheaper, for example, to send an email marketing message to 1,000 customers than to send 1,000 flyers by mail.

3. Expanded geographic range – An ecommerce website is nationwide and even internationally depending on the product.

4. 24/7 Availability – With automatic ordering and payment processing, sales can be made at any time, and customers can buy when it suits them.

5. More flexibility – An ecommerce website can be updated instantly and as often as you want – for example, to promote today’s deal on your first page without expensive print material.

6. A wider potential customer base – An ecommerce website is another shopping channel that can attract customers who have not purchased in the past.

7. Improve the customer profile – with the opportunity to target potential customers for products and services based on data acquisition.

8. Increasing the visibility of your business – By investing in search engines and online promotions, an ecommerce website is becoming more accessible to customers searching for your products.

9. Ability to tell people about your business – Building an ecommerce website helps provide information about opening hours, contact details and answers to frequently asked questions.

10. Another marketing channel – Building an ecommerce website can support your digital marketing efforts through customer reviews and testimonials.

The unique reflection of the company vis-a-vis competitors.

A website in general and an ecommerce website in particular should be easy and easy to navigate by the surfers (even in terms of Google) and easy and convenient for updates by the site owner.

We build an ecommerce website so that the owners of the business are the exclusive store owners!

Every business should own a store, no liabilities and no rental fees to build an ecommerce website.

Building stores and sites with us gives you the confidence that your store is indeed yours! The domain is purchased on the business owner’s name, the storage is purchased on the business owner’s name, and there are no mysterious payment requirements.

We have been building ecommerce websites and websites for many years

Over the years, we’ve helped companies showcase and improve their visibility on the web: by building ecommerce websites, building websites, organic SEO and PPC advertising.

Websites and ecommerce websites are built only after extensive research around the business: differentiation and keyword research: what potential customers are really looking for.

For us, every business is a whole world.

We build ecommerce websites for products and services for small and large businesses.

The stages of building an ecommerce website

The process of building an ecommerce website is built in such a way that it will save time and money to the store owners.

In a phone call we will study the business: the products or services, the differentiation, the customers, the target audience and more.

In the second stage, we will conduct a comprehensive study of products and services: keyword research, potential customers and competitors.

In the third stage, the ecommerce website design will begin – in perfect accordance with everything we have learned about the business.

In the fourth stage – the ecommerce website will build with the products.

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